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Blast Abrasives
From bag quantities to truckloads, Metal Prep can supply all your blast abrasive media.  We deal with reputable suppliers such as Washington Mills and Potters Industries.  Below is a list of some of the media we carry.  But if you're not sure about what's right for your application, just contact us.  We're experts!  We've also included a comparison chart of the properties of common blast media on this website.  To view it, click here.
  • Glass Beads:  U.S. Screen Sizes 30-30 to 400+ finer
  • Aluminum Oxide:  16 grit to 220 grit
  • Crushed Glass
  • Plastic Media:  Type I (polyester), Type II (urea), Type III (melamine), Type V (acrylic), Type VI (clearcut)
  • Organic Media:  Walnut shells, corn cob
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Bicarb Soda
  • Aluminum Shot
  • Steel Shot
  • Steel Grit