Metal Prep 
P.O. Box 126 
Jamestown, NC  27282 
Tel: 336-841-8047 
Fax: 336-454-3684 
A Summary Or Our Product Offerings

Abrasive Air Blast Cabinets 
   Suction: Zero wClemco wPauli  
    Systems wCyclone wTrinco 
   Direct Pressure: Zero wABEC  
 wPauli Systems wAerolyte  

Pressure Pots (portable & stationary) 
   Clemco wAerolyte wABEC w 

Blast Rooms, Installation & Ductwork 
   Preassembled: Zero wClemco w 
   Standard & Custom Designed  
   Rooms: Zero wClemco w 
 wAerolytewPauli Systems 

Abrasive Blast Automated & Semi-Automated Systems 
   Zero wAerolyte  

Replacement Parts 
  Guns, Nozzles, Hose, Gloves, 
   Orifices, Windows, Motors, etc. 
  We have replacement parts  
  in stock for these and other  

  • Zero
  • Clemco
  • Aerolyte
  • Blast-It-All
  • Empire
  • Pauli Systems
  • Pauli & Griffin
  • Trinco
  • Vacu-Blast
  • ABEC
  • Schmidt
  • TrinMac
  • Cyclone
  • Econoline


    Blast Media 
       Potters: Glass Beads and crushed glass 20/30 mesh to 400+ finer mesh 
       USEM:Aluminum Oxide & silicon carbide 16 grit to 240 grit 
      Composition Materials: Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V and Type VI plastic media.  
      Organic Media: Walnut shell, corn cob 
      Atwater Steel: Steel grit & steel shot 
      Natrium: bicarb soda 
      Panabrasives: Steel Shot 

    Vibratory Finishing Equipment 
      Abrasive Finishing:  Burr Bench Tubs: 3/4, 2 1/2 and 5 cu. ft. tubs 
      Giant Finishing:  Spiral bowls, wedge tubs, flo-thru, batch finishing machines 
      Vibra Finish: Vibra Hone high energy bowls 
      Burr KingwVibra King:tubs & bowls, filter pak filtration systems 

    Vibratory Media & Compounds 
      Washington Mills:  Ceramic media   
      Vibra Finish:  Ceramic, plastic, synthetic media 
      Abbott Ball Company: Carbon & stainless steel media 
      Vibra Finish:  Compounds, degreasing, general purpose cleaner, rust inhibitor, burnishing, descaling 


    Breathing Air Filtration, Monitoring & Respirators 
      Respirators: Clemco 
      C0 Monitors: Air SystemswDynamation 
      Breathing Air Filters & Free Air  
      Pumps: Clemco 

    Parts Washers & Pressure Washers 
       ADF Systems:  Parts washers manual and automatic  and pressure washers 

    Spray & Grinding Booths 
      Production Systems, Inc.:  Automotive and industrial paint spray booths wMake up air units wPaint mix rooms wPrep stations wExhaust benches 

    Grinders & Sanders 
      Burr King: Belt grinders wBelt sanders Polishing machines wDisc Grinders 

    Air Pollution Control & Dust Collection 
      Donaldson-Torit Products:  Dust collectors wFans wHEPA Filters wGrinding Booths wMist Collectors  
      Clemco: complete line of dust collectors 
      Dustex: Dust collectors 

    Complete line of air pollution control equipment & devices 

    • Fillter bags & cartridges
    • Complete line of replacement items for virutually all brands of dust collectors