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Parts Washers & Pressure Washers
Metal Prep offers the extensive line of parts washers and pressure washers manufactured by ADF Systems. 

All ADF Parts Washers are environmentally friendly using hot water and detergents as the cleaning source. Depending on your application, ADF can supply rotary basket, top and front load models, manual tank type, pass through, glove box, agitation, dip tanks, drawer type, tumbler style, auger, conveyor or flow through and other models, including spray booth. In addition, if you have a special requirement, ADF can build or customize a washer for your applications.  We also have numerous options which allows you to modify our parts washers to your application.

ADF Pressure Washers are built for heavy use in industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. Models are available with 1000 psi, 1500 psi, 2000 psi, 2500 psi, and 3000 psi, as well as other performance factors. With the addition of a selection of accessories, pressure washers can be adapted for various requirements.

Below are a few examples of the ADF equipment we carry:

This washer is not what it appears to be. This is not an abrasive blaster, but a high pressure, glove box style, parts washer. Because it is a manual type operation, it is one of the most versatile washers available.

The operator simply puts the part in the washer through the side door and washes the parts by manipulating the part and the wand with his hands through the gloves. The washer is activated with a foot switch. High pressure spray can be put into ports, cavities or directly sprayed on the part, for high pressure cleaning. With the ability to put the nozzle directly at the part, the full 3 GPM at 500 PSI force can be pin pointed to a small area on the part.

Biodegradable detergents and hot water are the cleaning solution used, which provides a safe and environmentally friendly solution. ADF detergents include rust inhibitor for steel parts and are safe on other materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, rubber, plastic or glass.

The wash solution passes through a 100 micron felt filter before returning to the reservoir and also passes through a high pressure filter between the pump and the nozzle. Therefore, dirt, chips and other contaminates are removed from the solution during every cycle. The washer has an extensive accessory list such as rinsing, oil skimming and others.

This washer is being used in a variety of applications including tool rooms, maintenance operations, low production and precision cleaning situations.

The 71OT was designed for parts that need to be moved or turned for cleaning in order to get at difficult areas. For parts with blind holes or those that tend to nest together, the gentle action of the 3 RPM rotation provides part separation so the hot aqueous solution can get to all surface areas. With a double filtration package, oil skimming and other options that are available, the 710 can be adapted to your production requirements.

Pressure Washers:

This is but one of the ADF pressure washers available.  ADF provides one of industry's largest lines of pressure washing equipment including hot and cold water models; gasoline engine and electric powered; portable, skid mounted or stationary units.  Pressures up to 3500 PSI are available standard with greater pressures available on custom units.

The Model 1000 is solidly constructed and designed for a variety of applications. It is used in equipment cleaning and the hot water models are excellent for cleaning grease and oils.
2.2 GPM @ 1000 PSI

3.0 GPM @ 700 PSI

Electric or Gas engine
Electrical Requirements:
 110 VAC
Hot Water:
Oil,Gas,Electric Heated