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Blast Cleaning Equipment
Blast Cabinets--from ZERO and other manufacturers
INEX 3048 and 3048R--Prices start under $2,500.

Metal Prep offers a full line of cabinets including the model show here which we developed.  The INEX 3048 series has simple, reliable features and rugged industrial construction. 

The 3048R delivers the higher-production features growing businesses need:  continuous media cleaning and recycling, dust bag (for limited blasting, less than an hour per day) or optional 300 cfn dry filter dust collector (for extended blasting).

The base model Inex 3048 comes without the media reclaimer, but does include a light-duty 115 cfm dust collector--perfect for occasitonal use at home and in small shops.

Safety & Comfort

  • Eliminates the hazards of open blasting.
  • Full-length neoprene-on-fabric gloves protect hands and arms beter than the chap vinyl gloves on hobbiest cabinets.
  • Pedal-activated blast gun eliminates moving parts from inside the enclosure (no more jammed blast gun triggers).
  • Dust collector traps blast dust for safe disposal (stop scooping dust and spent media rom the blast hopper).
  • Shatter-resistant glass window gives distortion-free view.
  • Large, freestanding enclosure--with full doors on both sides.  Holds bigger parts than any bench-top model.
  • 1/2-inch air line and efficient moisture separator let you use up to 3/8-inch nozzles to make fast work of most blast projects.
  • Outside-mounted light illuminates work chamber.
  • 300 cfm reclaimer (on 3048R) continuously separates good abrasive from dust and fines.
  • Rugged 14-gauge steel construction.