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Blast Cleaning Equipment
Semi-Automatic & Automatic Blast Equipment
Metal Prep offers a range of semi-automatic and automatic blast systems from Zero Products.  The BNP A200 shown provides precise, repeatable automated blast cleaning, surface finishing, deburring and peening within the reach of small to mid-size manufacturers and machining centers.  The A200 shares many features with Zero's custom-engineered automated systems--indexing turntable, rotating satellites, automatic blow-off and fingertip process controls for cycle timer and parts rotation.

The A200 has six low-profile satellites and generous 12" X 16" door openings to accommodate a wide array of parts.  Each satellite supports up to 25 lbs., including the part being blasted and the fixture to hold it in place.  Adjustable mounts allow the automatic blast guns to be set at the appropriate angle and distance for the part being blasted.

Unlike special-purpose machines designed to clean just one or two types of parts, the A200 can switch quickly from cleaning one part to another.  Changing fixtures and repositioning blast guns takes just a few minutes.  The A200's great flexibility allows a manufacturer to spread the cost of a system across several products.

The standard A200 comes configured for either two-station or single-station indexing.  Two-station indexing puts two parts in each of the blast, blow-off and load positions.  Single-station indexing allows multi-step blasting, such as inside and out or top and bottom.