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Blast Cleaning Equipment
Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms 

As the name says, these blast rooms arrive at your site ready to install. Connect the components and add power and air. Because the room must ship via truck, room dimensions are limited to 14 feet by 7 feet by 8 feet tall. The room includes full area recovery -- pneumatic or mechanical -- as well as lights, control panel, one full-width, full-height door, and a separate personnel door.

You can select the blast machine package (one or more operators), dust collection (recovery only or full room), media reclamation system (air wash or cyclonic), blast suit and respirator, and any special parts-handling equipment you need.

Summary :

  • No pit required
  • Quickest set-up
  • Lowest total cost for complete system
  • Enclosure, blast machine, operator safety equipment,recovery, reclaimer, and dust collector
  • Turnkey or do-it-yourself installation
  • An industrial blast facility