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Blast Cleaning Equipment

ZERO BNP Series Cabinets
Metal Prep offers the complete line of ZERO BNP blast cabinets and accessories.  This product line has existed and been refined for decades;  it has the reputation as a reliable "workhorse" in blast equipment.  Both pressure and suction cabinets are available.  Pressure blasting can povide up to four times the production rate as compared to suction blasting, and it's recomended for tough applications where surface finish requirements necessitate powerful media impact.  Suction cabinets are generally selected for light to medium production requirements, limited space and moderate budgets.  They have fewer wear parts and are more compact than pressure systems.  They can operate continuously without stopping for media refills.  

Here are some of the models offered:

With an enclosure measuring 42 inches by 22 inches by 28 inches high, the BNP 55 is the perfect blast cabinet for processing small to mid-size parts. The system includes a reclaimer and dry filter. Available in suction or pressure blast models, and optional reverse-pulse dust collector.

The BNP 65 (enclosure size: 36 by 36 by 38 inches) is available in suction or pressure blast models, and accepts popular options - turntables and tracks for heavy parts, vertical doors to speed loading, and other Options Plus modifications. Shown with reverse-pulse dust collector.

The BNP 220's larger enclosure (50 by 39 by 43 inches tall) accepts powered turntables, ZERO's A-300 Automation Kit, and other Option Plus modifications. Available in suction or pressure blast, the BNP 220 lets you process large parts or batches of smaller parts.