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Blast Cleaning Equipment

The first industrial, all-in-one blast cabinet includes blast system, true media reclaimer, and modern reverse pulse cartridge dust collector. Choose from Pulsar III suction, the bigger Pulsar VI suction, or the ultra-high-production Pulsar VI-P pressure blast model.

Here are some of the features of this outstanding series:

  • No set up!  The Pulsar has everything you need in one unit.  You simply connect it to air and electric.
  • The unit is self-contained.  No tripping over or replacing exposed air lines, hoses or flex duct.
  • The reclaimer and reverse pulse cartridge type dust collector are tucked neatly inside and are easily serviced from the rear or sides.  The side accesses allow the machine to be placed against a wall and still be accessible for servicing.
  • The systems' one-piece designs mean a smaller "foot print," thus saving you valuable production space for other use.
  • The Pulsar is engineered to operate as a single unit, so each component is sized and balanced to work in harmony with the rest of the system.  The result is the system is easy to install, use and maintain.
  • The modern style cartridge dust collector filters the dust concentration, and exhausted air is nominally 5.0mg/m3.  The cartridges are long-lasting with no mess and can be changed in minutes, minimizing downtime and maintenance time.
  • Need ultra-clean performance?  Pulsar can be outfitted with HEPA filtration for virtually dust-free operation.
  • No other blast cabinet system on the market is more ergonomically friendly.  As shown above, the Pulsar may be configured with a recessed front panel for seated operation.