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Blast Cleaning Equipment

Whether you need a recovery system for your existing room or a complete blast room or dry stripping facility big enough to handle cargo aircraft, we can help you plan, budget, and erect a state-of-the-art blast facility, then train your employees to operate and maintain it.

How much space do you need? Will you need more compressed air? When would you pick mechanical recovery instead of pneumatic?

Our Industrial Facility Planning Guide shows the advantages and disadvantages of different components available for your blast room. It even includes a request for quotation worksheet to get a budget estimate.  If you'd like a copy of the guide, click here to e-mail your request.

A Zero blast room can be a major factor in your company's profit production program.  It can cut your time costs, help improve product quality, allow you to meet governmental requirements with minimal costs and help speed production schedules.

A Zero blast room is a totally integrated blasting system.  It provides an enclosed facility with a complete built-in setup of blasting equipment.  Zero builds rooms of any size;  they can be large enough to accommodate any size casting or fabrication.  Environmental controls can be tailored to meet your company requirements and government regulations.  Room packages include a complete highly efficient system for collecting dust and debris and blasting media...which  then separates and recycles the cleaned media for continuous reuse.

Modular wall sections make it simple to make any size room you need.  This modular system plus bolt-together design makes erection quick and easy...and permits later expansion. 

Another significant feature of Zero engineered blast rooms is the variety of recovery systems which may be specified.  Typical of open air blasting, cleaning up the dust and abrasive is usually the most labor-intensive, time-consuming part of any project.  It can easily account for 60% or more of a project's cost.  Clemco makes four types of recovery systems suitable for full or partial floor area installation.  These four systems are either pneumatically or mechanically powered.  The chart shown here will help you identify what will work best for your application.